My penultimate prompt was given to me by 9 year old son. “Mummy you must do something about real-life superheroes.” He is really into Marvel, so I should have anticipated  this, having been to many films with this theme. I am enjoying the X-Men saga in particular. The Twilight films seem to have an element of this too, the vampire characters having particular strengths like mind control and causing extreme pain, just by looking at someone.

Albert, my son told me, I should particularly look up Iceman, a man who doesn’t seem to react to sitting for prolonged periods of time, bare fleshed on ice.

Of course the culture that supports people being extreme, maybe creating a modern day freak show, which I question.

There is also the vigilante type superhero, as portrayed in Kickass, somebody who pretends to be a superhero and fights crime. I am not sure I can ever advocate people going onto the streets and doing this, it might cause more problems, than it solves.

Writing  Tasks
You realise that you have developed a superhero power, you try to reject it. Free write.(15-20 minutes).

You have a superhero power and have been offered your own YouTube channel. Free write.(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about the superhero power that you aspire to.(15-20 minutes).

Happy Writing!


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