Impostors are people who impersonate other people, sometimes by means of a disguise, maybe for monetary gain or social status, often for police work or espionage.

In 1817 a cobbler found an apparently lost looking girl dressed in an attire from somewhere in Southern Asia, who could only communicate in an eligible language. She was put in a poor house and identified a pineapple with the french word ananas. She  claimed to be Princess Caraboo, from the island of Javasu, an island in the Indian Ocean. She said she had been captured by pirates and had somehow made her escape in the Bristol Chanel. She managed to fool a lot of people and made profit from her lies, being eventually recognised as a servant girl from Devon.

Martin Guerre disappeared from his comfortably off farming household in  Artigat in the Pyrenees, after being accused of stealing grain from his father, leaving his wife and son behind. Three years later he returned, all seemed well until people realised he was an impostor who had convinced Guerre’s whole family that he was Martin. The impostor had styled himself convincingly on the farmer and his wife Bertrande was totally sure it was her husband. Guerre’s mother and step-father were not so sure and eventually convinced Bertrande to notify the authorities. Then found out he was indeed an impostor, named, Arnaud du Tilh.

Image is taken from the film the Princess of Caraboo.
Writing Tasks
After being absent for three years your partner returns, you start to suspect that they might not be who they say they are.(15-20 minutes).

You are a spy and have been asked to become an impostor.(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about being worried you are an impostor. minutes).

Happy Writing!


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