Two days ago I made the mistake of listening to ELO’s Mr Blue Sky and now I can’t get it out of my head. Earworms Earworms are tunes that stick. Research shows that songs get triggered by association and that if you were having a stressful time when you first hear that song it is more likely to remain.

My main question now, is how can I stop the song going round and round? Scientist have found that the best way is to follow these 5 steps.

1 Identify the song

2 Find a complete version of the song.

3 Totally immerse yourself in the song. Give it all your attention, if you get distracted at this point, warning if might permanently imprint on you.

4 Engage in a mental task like doing a Sudoka. Again totally concentrate on the task.

5 Select another song that you like and that is “catchy” and play over and over again.

Writing Tasks
Listen to the song you are most likely to get hooked on and then free write. Or if you have a song going round in your head already, free write.(15-20 minutes).

Write a list of 10 songs and write 3 things they remind you of.(15-20 minutes).

Earworms are actually real worms. Free write.(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about a song that is stuck in your head.(15-20 minutes).

Happy Writing!



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