“Every man had his own quirks and twists” (Harriet Beecher Stowe). Character quirks, can be viewed as what makes your character unusual or stand out, which might seem peculiar to others. When writing a character, you might put a bunch of character quirks together, but this might not work, establishing who your character is first is probably the most important step.

As a child I would often walk on tiptoes and I have a habit of tracing the online of people on my leg whilst I am talking to them. If you ask my friends to say who I am, they probably would not have noticed the drawing imaginary pictures on myself trait, but might say that I like to bring people together, which is probably more of a characteristic,than a trait.

When you are a reader of a novel or a viewer of a film, you are allowed access to the private world of a character and can see them when they are on their own and witness their most interesting quirks. Such as if they have a peculiar way of eating food, such as taking all the chocolate off a Mars, before eating the rest of it. These quirks might be something that the character might be careful not show the outside world, until they start to become fragile. Comfort traits like sucking your thumb or doing weird things with their hair might become something that they start doing in public.

Writing Tasks
Use this Character quirk generator, once https://misc.iwakuroleplay.com/generators/character_traits_and_quirks_generator.php and then free write.(10-20 minutes).

Use the generator 3 more times. Then free write. (15-20 minutes).

Your character has started displaying one of their most embarrassing traits in public, their world is starting to unravel. Free write(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem after you have used the character trait generator, as many times as you wish.(15-20 minutes).

Happy Writing!


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