The earth is very different from the near side,the near side is covered in maria or seas, where as the far side hardly has any. The crust is also thicker on the far side, which helps to provide a reason for less maria, as the surface is harder to penetrate. On impact a meteorite will create a hole and magma will come up to the surface creating basalt. This does not explain why the moon is so neatly dived into two clear sides, that are so different.


Scientists have been trying to provide an explanation for the differences between the far side and the near side of the moon, since the far side was viewed. Two main competing theories have surfaced. Both ideas start with the premise that not long after the earth was born approximately 4 billion years ago, a planet the size of Mars collided with the Earth, breaking off lots of bits that formed to become the Moon. The Moon’s orbit started much closer to the earth, but has moved gradually further away, which might account for them both being made up of similar materials. At this point is where the two sides part company.

Double whammy theory suggests that two moons formed after the impact, instead of one. At some point the two moons gently collided causing a lopsided moon. The second suggests that very soon after impact the moon and earth would have closely affected each other’s tides, which would have set up the rotation pattern. This would have happened very soon after the collision and maybe only after a couple of months and would have established which side of the moon faced the earth. As the earth after impact would have been extremely hot this would have caused the maria on the near side of the moon.

Writing Tasks
You have travelled back 4 billion years to the beginning of the earth, a planet has just collided with the earth. Free write(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about an earth with two moons. Or a planet colliding with the earth, or the far side of the moon.(15-30 minutes).

Happy writing!


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