The stars have always appeared to make up pictures in the sky and ancient civilizations have associated them with their Gods. In ancient Sumeria they were interested in astrology and noted the constellations, they named Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus and Auriga. Homer mentions the constellations in the Iliad(7th Century BC )and described how Achilleus’s shield was created by the craftsman god Hephaistos.

In Greek mythology there are a group of stars that represent Hercules, a muscular man with great power and the son of the great god Zeus and Queen of the Tiryns, Alcmene.  The Goddess Hera wanted to kill the child of this infidility and placed two serpents in Hercules’ cot. The child strangled the snakes to death, making him famous throughout the world. Hera was livid and cast a spell on him, making his so insane that he killed his wife and children. Full of remorse he visited the great Oracle in Delphi, who recommended he asked the advice of Eurystheus. The king ordered him to complete the 12 Labors of Hercules.

The stars that make up the constellation Cancer represent a gigantic crab, thrown up there by Hera. She was jealous of Hercules, as she thought that her husband loved him more, as he was the offspring of his affair with Queen Alcmene. Hera’s goal in life was to kill her step-son and she tried many times, but Hercules’ great strength always was too much for her. During the 12 Labors that Hercules, one task was to kill the water serpent Hydra, this serpent was loved by her and she sent a great carb to protect the snake. An epic fight then took place, the snake bit Hercules and he smashed the crab with his foot. Hercules returned home a hero and Hera, as a mark of respect placed the crab in the sky.

Writing Tasks
Use this site to make up a story for a constellation. I like the sound of the “Teapot” constellation.(15-20 minutes).

Your character gets on a bus and meets their constellation. Free write(15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about one of these constellations: minutes).

Happy Writing!


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