I signed up to Pinterest about 4 years ago, but have only just started using it, creating boards, for Design, Writing Ideas, Cooking amongst other things. The idea behind Pinterest uses the bookmark idea, but displaying it in a notepad way, it is like storage that can be shared, with others. You add, like on a noticeboard pins that can be images or sites, displaying our tastes, interests and businesses, art ventures and lifestyle choices. Another way to connect with people, that shows people how we want to be perceived. Boards and people’s Pinterest sites act like a personal museum, you can have a board about Hiding Money.https://www.pinterest.com/explore/hiding-money/. Or a board titled Blue Candy.https://www.pinterest.com/thecandygalaxy/blue-candy-inspiration/ There are some really beautiful boards, such as this one on fog and mist.(See featured image)https://uk.pinterest.com/cessyfr/fog-and-mist/ and this one on traffic lights.https://uk.pinterest.com/1goodold/traffic-lights/

Pinterest boards can express a longing such as this “Dear future husband”, with pins of quotes about love, such as this by Dean Jackson “love her so much she might doubt your sanity, but not your passion”. Boards are being used to fulfil a social need, here is one for missing persons:https://uk.pinterest.com/jodystagg/missing-persons/. It can be used to discuss issues such as surrogacyhttps://uk.pinterest.com/fertility411/surrogacy/ and politicshttps://www.pinterest.com/joaoscatarino/anarchism/. ┬áPinterest appears to be more than a way of expressing yourself it seems to be like a lot of social media, a way of communicating with the outside world.

Writing Tasks
Create 10 imaginary Pinterest style boards. 5 that you would show to the world and 5 that you wouldn’t, or maybe have less you wouldn’t show. Think of titles for the boards and what sort of images/pins you might put in them.(15-20 minutes).

Take one board and look at the themes. Try and combine the pins and free write. One of my boards is titled “Writing Inspiration” and there are amongst other things post-apocalyptic pictures and some Victorian pictures of women outlaws. If you have boards you wouldn’t show, maybe explain why. (15-20 minutes).

Write a poem about a board on Pinterest. If it’s one you wouldn’t show, explain a little bit about that.

Happy Writing!


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